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Our job, our passion

Act Finanz is a swiss financial company specialized in Wealth Management. Founded in Lugano in 2009 by the group of professionals with many years of experience in the field of investment banking. Aware of the importance of our profession, we carry out asset management activities in total autonomy, acting solely in your interest, choosing only the products and strategies that allow us to achieve excellence.

Why choose us


Swiss banks are among the most prestigious and solid in the world, both for heritage and experience as well as for internationally recognised efficiency. Switzerland has always been considered one of the most important hubs of international finance, hence representing the "safe harbour" where to protect one's savings.


Passion, commitment and competence are the values ​​we put into our everyday activity. Passionate about our job, we believe we can practice it positively only through a high specialization: we dedicate ourselves exclusively to the job in which we excel, wealth management for private and institutional clients


Act Finanz is not linked to any banking, insurance or industrial group. This independence assures investors autonomy in management decisions and absence of conflicts of interest. Our independence is an important guarantee, for us, but above all, for you, having no logic to defend but to obtain maximum, realizing your financial goals.

You are our most important reference

"The biggest asset of a company is its customers, because without customers there are no companies" (Michael LeBoeuf)

Act finanz, gestori patrimoniali in svizzera

Our task is to support Private and Institutional clients in achieving their financial goals, providing an innovative and competent personalized service. We manage the money invested with us as if it were ours, as we know the value of work and commitment. In a sector mainly made up of numbers, we believe that the centrality of the person is important, with their needs, their aspirations and their dreams. For this reason we offer our customers a quality service, always professional, competent and transparent.

Act Finanz, Wealth Management

Our mission: to generate value in all market conditions

Our management strategies have only one goal: provide excellent returns over time, with controlled volatility and low correlation with traditional investment classes. For this reason, in our management, we are not satisfied to outperform the benchmark, but we aim, through active and dynamic management, to achieve satisfying results regardless of the market cycle in which we find ourselves. This is our mission!

Act Finanz gestori patrimoniali, act finanz gestori patrimoniali internazionali - Finanza, far crescere un patrimonio

Continuous growth

The results of absolute excellence achieved over the years have allowed us to grow exponentially. Our management model proved to be a winner even in the most turbulent phases of the financial markets and this was particularly appreciated by the investors who rewarded us with their trust.

ACT Finanz

AAct Finanz AG is a swiss PolyReg member asset management company that adheres to the PolyAsset code of ethics.

Lugano office

Via Adamini 10, Lugano 6900



Tel: 0041 91 22 44 734

Act Finanz gestori patrimoniali, act finanz gestori patrimoniali internazionali - Finanza, far crescere un patrimonio