Wealth Management

The global economic and financial system has undergone significant changes during the last years. The growing complexity of financial markets has required operations to match its changes. Act Finanz avails itself of the technical and human skills of the best professionals that allow us to offer you investment solutions with a quality standard of absolute excellence.

Our management services have been designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and are the result of the constant work of our Research and Development Center in over 20 years of activity.

Our mission: to generate value in all market conditions

Our management strategies have only one goal: provide excellent returns over time, with controlled volatility and low correlation with traditional investment classes. For this reason, in our management, we are not satisfied to outperform the benchmark, but we aim, through active and dynamic management, to achieve satisfying results regardless of the market cycle in which we find ourselves. This is our mission!

Family Office and High Net Worth Individuals


Our customers have different profiles and each one is unique. What unites them is the desire to receive a service of excellence, personalized and highly qualified. Some investors, due to the size and importance of their assets or particularly high personal and family needs, require specific attention.

Act Finanz offers to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Family Offices a complete range of customized financial: mtailor-made asset management mandates, exclusive investment opportunities, commission savings and alternative investments that our management team selects in collaboration with the most highly rated managers in the world.



There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance" (Socrate)

We want our customers to have a perfect knowledge of the solutions we adopt for them. We believe it is essential to have informed customers. Our job is not just to get the most out of the capital you have entrusted to us, but also to make you "live the investment" in the most serene way possible, through conscious participation and with the clarity that sets us apart.

Our asset management

A winning model

Our goal is to create value over time. We believe that to invest successfully through the various market cycles it is necessary to have a flexible and dynamic management style. anche .

We always strive to find the best sources of profitability through financial instruments of proven quality while paying great attention to cost containment.

A rigorous selection

We select, in the absence of conflict of interest, only the best financial products and this has allowed us to achieve important performances. These results are also possible thanks to the application of a set of quantitative selection parameters which allow us to choose from over 200 thousand funds available on the world markets.